Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW, CST

Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW, CST
About Anthony

Many of us with histories of trauma, insecurity, and abuse can find ourselves feeling emotionally isolated or misunderstood, even within the communities we connect with the most. I get it…I’ve been there too! My approach provides a judgement-free space where every part of you is welcome. As an attachment-informed psychotherapist and AASECT certified sex therapist, I specialize in supporting young adult clients with childhood trauma or abuse, low self-esteem, relationship trauma, social-relational anxiety, and sexuality-based shame and insecurity.

I believe that therapy is meant to be experiential, collaborative, and explorative in nature. Integrating Internal Family Systems (IFS) specific inner “parts work” and accelerated experiential-dynamic psychotherapy (AEDP), we will explore new ways of relating to yourself, your past, and others. Through our work we will heal old attachment wounds and rewrite limiting or shaming beliefs, allowing for a more secure sense of self to emerge within you.

I have particular interest in working with adult children of emotionally immature or narcissistic parents, men’s sexuality and emotional health, and survivors of sexual abuse. I am sex-positive and affirming of sexuality, gender, and relationship diversity.

  • Certified Sex Therapist | AASECT
  • Certified LGBTQIA Affirmative Therapist | Modern Sex Therapy Institutes
  • AEDP Level 2 Therapist | AEDP Institute
  • EFIT Level 2 Therapist | ICEEFT
  • Certificate in Somatic Attachment Therapy | Embody Lab
  • IFS 16-Week Comprehensive Training Program | IFSCA
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