Connor Wills, M.Ed, LPC, NCC

Connor Wills, M.Ed, LPC, NCC
About Connor
Are you a teen or young adult who struggles with emotions such as anger, anxiety, or depression? Do you experience challenges around substance use, or find it difficult to navigate relationship or behavioral challenges? Are family-related complexities, addiction, or unaddressed past trauma making life feel unbearable? Do you seem “fine” on the surface but something still tells you that you would benefit from gaining a greater sense of insight and self-awareness? Do people in your life describe you as “out of control” at times, while missing the fact that you are truly doing your best underneath it all? If these concerns hit home for you, know that I am fully equipped to meet you exactly where you are. I understand that you’ve been doing the very best you can up until this point. I can vividly recall the very human “stuckness” I felt during that period of my own life, and how working with my therapist during the time made all the difference. In fact, that experience is precisely what inspired me to become a therapist who specializes in supporting teens, young adults, and their families as I do today.

I have over a decade of experience working in both clinical mental health and educational settings, including New Jersey’s largest residential co-occurring mental health and substance abuse treatment center for young people. I pride myself on being able to build rapport and trust with even the most guarded, behaviorally challenged teens and young adults; trust that is essential in order to enact real change. My additional years of experience supporting clinical needs in schools as a high school based counselor and district-level mental health coordinator also provide a unique perspective in navigating school-related challenges which may be related to your current needs.

Whether you struggle with emotional, behavioral, or substance-related needs, or if you might simply benefit from having a strong, motivating coach in your “corner” to navigate your next steps during these challenging years, I encourage you to take the first step by contacting me today. I look so forward to working with you!

Connor Wills M.Ed, LPC, NCC is a licensed holistic psychotherapist, professional speaker, and K-12 consultant for school-based mental health services who has been working in the field of mental health, wellness, and education for almost 15 years. Connor has supported residential co-occurring mental health and addiction programs, inpatient acute psychiatric hospital settings, middle and high schools, and has worked directly in communities up and down the east coast. Connor is currently a graduate professor of psychology and counseling at a New Jersey-based university and is the co-founder of Quantum Psychotherapy Group along with his partner in life and business, Erica. In his free time, Connor enjoys hiking, seeing live music, competitive paintballing, playing and collecting Magic: The Gathering trading cards, and deepening his connection with the mysteries of consciousness and our universe.

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