Rebecca Demi MS, R-DMT, LCAT

Rebecca Demi MS, R-DMT, LCAT
About Rebecca

My clients sense that their trauma lives in the body but may not know how to access it. My passion lies in helping people become more functional with their triggers and emotional dysregulation, be it anxiety, depression, or worry.

Moving, attuning, adapting, and creating through life’s transitions with a therapist as witness allows for your sustainable health and growth. Your resilient body-mind connection is attainable with this combination of body-oriented practices that I offer. Our goals may begin with focusing on body-mind integration and repairing self-esteem.

In the course of our work together you will find physical well-being and deeper meaning (integration, peace of mind), connection (integrity, security, intimacy, empathy, closeness and belonging), and autonomy (freedom, choice, and space). These are each mindfulness-based steps that we can take together toward greater embodiment. Responding in this way to music, creative writing, or stretching are somatic bridges to move through life’s challenges.

Additionally, I am passionate about incorporating dance/movement therapy, somatic psychology, and creative arts in the work that we will do together. I also draw from the principles of polyvagal therapy and emotionally-focused therapy to assist you in nervous system regulation and true trauma healing. I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on life’s journey.

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