Stephen Lereah, LSW

Stephen Lereah, LSW
About Stephen

Therapy can feel intimidating as a teen or young adult, but it can certainly feel more inviting when you know what to expect. My therapeutic approach is person-centered and client-led, meaning that I maintain my focus on your thought processes, emotions, and relationships while allowing you the freedom to drive the session focus. I use Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and other solution-focused techniques to encourage you to explore broader perspectives and new ways to deal with challenges. We will collaboratively create treatment plan goals that feel attainable to you and will highlight your strengths and progress along the way through traditional talk therapy, mindfulness, or art-based expression.

My professional interests include social justice and psychotherapeutic practices in childhood trauma. I have worked with low-income adults in medical and housing case management, and as a home-based intensive therapist with teens. In addition to my private practice work, I currently assist public schools in providing mental health and related services for students, their families, and district staff of all levels. In my personal time I enjoy reading fiction, taking weekend hikes with loved ones, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

It would be my pleasure to meet you and warmly guide your evolution through the very normal stages of being human. Whether we will be outsmarting unhelpful thoughts, holding emotions without drowning in them, or practicing real-world interactions together, please contact me today to take the next step on your life’s journey.

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