Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety can show up in all sorts of ways. From overthinking, worrying, perfectionism and chronic busyness to avoiding social interaction or doubting yourself in relationships. It can show up physically too in muscle aches, difficulty taking deep breaths or just feeling tense. And this just scratches the surface. Anxiety tends to live in both the mind and the body, and that is what makes Quantum different–we address both. We help you manage the symptoms, but we also get to the source. Using a wide range of holistic and evidence-based techniques, we begin to heal the nervous system to make room for our highest selves.


Depression is one of the most common yet misunderstood struggles that people experience today. Although depression can be associated with feelings of sadness and decreased energy, other more stealthy symptoms often fall under the radar. Feeling irritable or frustrated, experiencing a loss of pleasure or interest in things once enjoyed, and having concentration issues are just a few of the other warning signs that depression may be trying to take hold. At Quantum, we will help you to increase your awareness of how depressive symptoms are manifesting and provide you with tools to empower you in taking your life back.

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