Plant Medicine Preparation and Integration

It is no secret that individuals seeking healing in today’s world are looking beyond traditional modalities of medicine and psychotherapy. One need not look further than their social media feed, Netflix account, or Youtube recommendations to see that interest in psychedelics and other plant-based “medicines” for potential healing is on the rise. While Quantum explicitly DOES NOT OFFER OR ENCOURAGE the use of these compounds, we recognize that there is sometimes an intersection between interest in the more holistic healing psychotherapeutic and spiritually-based modalities as we offer and what promising research from Johns Hopkins University and others may be pointing to in the psychedelic space.

Many clients who reach out to us describe feeling called to explore ancient compounds such as psilocybin and ayahuasca, but are fearful of being shamed or discouraged by friends, family, or even licensed professionals. Clinicians on our team are well-versed in nonjudgmentally supporting individuals in their preparation and intention setting for such experiences, working through any initial anxiety that may be present, and or simply processing ambivalence for those who are just curious about whether or not these plants may be right for them at all in the first place. Equally if not more importantly, members of our Quantum team are also experienced in supporting the processing and post-ceremony integration of these often profound experiences on both psychological and spiritually-based levels.

If the plant “medicine” path is something you have been considering and you are looking for a supportive, nonjudgmental space held by experienced licensed professionals who adopt a trauma-informed care lens, please consider giving us a confidential call today.

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